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Pooja Vidhanam

Pooja is a ritualistic worship organised in home or at work place to work worship God with pure mind and heart for beneficial of physical, mental and psychological problems. Read More

Samaska Customs

Upanayana or yagno pavit (sacred thread ceremony). An initiation ritual to a child study of the sacred Vedas. It is totally a religious function and only Vedic Brahmins will participate. Read More

Homams Section

Homams are conducted to receive blessings from God and to remove obstacles in life. To improve our financial status, get out of debts also to live peacefully. Read More

For All Your Religious Services


Ayusha Homam is specially focused on to the children who remain always ill as this Homam is a remedy for it. Chandi Homam is performed to remove the evil eyes or any kind of doshams faced for a long time, also it gives long lasting wealth and health. Ganapathi Homam helps in retaining health, wealth and success.

Kala Bhairavar Homam is conducted to get out of us from debts and to improve our financial status among the people. Saraswathi Homam is performed to get power and knowledge especially for students, scholars and teachers, it also retains self-confidence. The purvaangam which involves a homam for maha ganapathi and then the Kala Bhairav maha mantra will be recited as parayana.


Engagement to start off the marriage ceremony, a pre –wedding. Girha Pravesham is mandatory before moving to new house.Upanyanam is performed when the child is at young age and entering into the Brahmin world. Seemantham is a process which is performed to make a women feel so particular and let her understand the meaning of pregnancy stages.

Ear piercing also known as Karnaveda samskara, an important ceremony in Hindu traditions. This is performed for both girls and boys. Sashtiapthapoorthi is the celebration of 60th birthday, where Sasti means 60 and Poorthi means Completion. A naming ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult is given a name or names.


Pariharams are done to remove obstacles while facing problems. To boom their business and for peace and benefit of office Dhristi durga Homam/pariharam done. Santhana Gopala pariharam is conducted on the behalf of parents name to bless the couples with kids and also ensures healthy and intelligent child.

Navagraha Pariharmas for Mercury (Bhudan), Moon (Chandrian), Venus (Sukran), Jupiter (Guru), Mars (Chevvai), Sun (Suriyan), Ketu (South Node), and Rahu (North Node), Saturn (Sani) is conducted to remove or recover from obstacles and ensure to live with peace and wealth. Swayamvara parvathi pariharam is for finding obstacles in delayed marriage.


Why us

Sri Vidhya Ganapathi Pooja services one stop for all your sacred desires. As a professional person performing all kind of pooja services. Providing complete package for pooja with all materials.

Our MIssion

To provide complete solution for all needs through proper Vedic standards, to provide tailor made services to resolve your problems and fulfilled with blessings.

Our Vision

To provide decent services to communities worldwide and to work for spiritual guidance and satisfaction of the people.
Festival List 2016
  • Jan
    • Thursday 01-14-2016 Makar Sakranti
  • Feb
    • Friday 02-12-2016 Vasant Panchami
  • March
    • Tuesday03-08-2016 Maha Shivaratri
    • Wednesday 23-03-2016 Holi
  • April
    • Friday04-08-2016 Ramayana Week
    • Friday 04-15-2016 Ramanavami
    • Friday 04-22-2016 Hanuman Jayanti
  • I approached SVG for performing Homam for recovery of my health problem, Thanks to SVG for guiding me to perform this Homam and get recovered.

  • The arrangements made by SVG pooja services for the pariharam is really good. He detailed the benefits of it very clearly to one and all in my family. I am very satisfied and i am very much thankful.


Ultimate Way to Connect Divine

Pooja to worship God with pure mind and heart and is suitable for fortune, fame and favour. Feel the divine like never before.

For would be Brides and Grooms

Special Homam will abolish the delays in marriage and will finds suitable bride or groom gets a meaningful life.

Step For Spiritual Requirements

Spend time on God with pure heart and mind, in fact, essential for spiritual growth. It adds purity to the whole environment.

Change the Energy of Your House

To call on the blessings of God and to remove obstacles from your life and to start up any event or program besides it brings peace, lasting health and prosperity.